Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Review for Blackjack Stats

Wow. Let's take a break from Poker sites for a minute and review something a little different. This is a pretty neat site for you blackjack strategists. You can get to the site by clicking this link: Online Casinos. The site is a little slow. It has all kinds of charts you can customize for the type of game and other settings including: # of decks, betting style, rules (like dealer must hit soft 17), the strategy you want to employ, and the type of table you want produced.

After selecting each item, a table is produced showing how the strategy worked out on a random deck. It's pretty complicated, but manageable by applying some simple blackjack strategies that are fairly well known and publicized. I ran a few through and it wasn't as daunting as it first appears. I used a couple strategies I employ in Vegas and as one would expect, their recommendations were a little different than what I was doing. no wonder my bankroll takes a hit when I play live blackjack.

There are some other cool items. There is a video blackjack calculator here. All of these calculators and strategies are designed to guide the user through an online gaming session. There are also bankroll calculators and an income calculator.

So if you get psyched after watching 21, then why not plunk down a couple hundred and try out some of these free strategies. Let me know how they work out with a comment.


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