Saturday, September 13, 2008

Site Review: Spin Palace Casino

Yet another review of an on-line related site. This time I am reviewing Spin Palace. The previous link takes you to an overview of the site. The actual casino site is located here.

I was impressed with this casino because of the attractive mega jackpot. $6.7 million. That would be nice. They also have slot tournaments and online video poker, blackjack, and roulette. You can see a lots of recent winners by country by going to this link.

I downloaded the software and it was easy to install. I toured around the site, but didn't put any money down. I was impressed with the sign-up bonuses, 100% 1st deposit, 50% 2nd deposit, and 25% 3rd deposit. The details are posted on their site here.

For each game they provide instructions and strategy tips. The tips for Craps were pretty good and I spent some time reviewing them and comparing them to my own winning strategies. I love craps and online craps is even better for action than that in a live casino game. It takes way too long for the staff to pay out, you don't have to worry about some jackass putting his hands down to foul the dice, and the dice never leave the table.

I will definitely check the site out when I get a few gambling bucks liberated from my allowance account.


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