Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Bad Beat

We have all had our share of bad beats, but next time keep this one in mind and you can save a trip to the mountain.

In front of the kids! And what's up with that cop?

Monday, March 26, 2007

Sharks and Fish

It was another great donk fest last Friday. We had 19 players and some interesting stuff. First of all, we were glad to see Brad back in the fold. Godfrey was back and so was Jesse. I started a new tradition this week. The little shark, shown in the picture, goes to the previous week's winner. The fish goes to the previous weeks first to bust out.

This week Godfrey got the shark to himself (Bern didn't make it this week) and Todd the fish. See last weeks results here. We were happy to have almost a full-house again this week with the invitation climbing to16 "YES's" in the first 24 hours after sending. Act quickly or your going to be on the wait list.

The following players made it out:

Michael Allan

Play was very tight with only 2 rebuys in the first hour. Godfrey had a very bad run on this night. He got knocked out within the first half-hour. He didn't option his rebuy. He headed right back up the mountain to regain the poker savy he demonstrated in the last game. He will reopen his text book and study harder.

Godfrey was out in 19th. Godfrey was out (not feeling it) but was a good sport and dealt for our table.

Everyone rebought. Henry used his add-on before the break. His chipstack was small and he pushed his 77 into Rico's 99's preflop and the flop brought Rico quad 9's. Henry was out in 18th. Henry went down to watch some basketball.

Stacey was getting second best all night* and she ran her AK into QQ and a Q on the flop knocked her out in 17th.

* nothing to do with being married to me :)

Stuart and Kevin mixed it up when Kevin pushed with 88. Stuart called with TT. The board brought some combination of T3385 and Stuart's fullhouse (TTT33) outpaced Kevin's (88833). A tough beat. Kevin hit the rail in 16th.

Scott was out in 15th (no info). Todd did the deed.

Jesse was the next one out 14th. His AA got cracked by Michael Allen's AQ. This hand is one of the most unusual I have seen. The flop was QJQ. The turn and river JJ. Michael Allen ended up with QQQJJ and Jesse with JJJAA. Weird. The bourd had a full house and each player improved the board with their hole cards. Jesse headed for the Mountain. :)

Here is a picture of Jesse and Godfrey discussing their bad fortunes on this night. There are a few others in there too. Do you recognize anyone?

I hope they finish their Monkships and return to the felt soon.

Rico wasn't feeling so hot and was very quiet (or maybe he wasn't, but who could hear him over Michael Allen's Boisterous, drunken banter? :) ). Rico got knocked out firing with middle pair only to be called by Joe's straight. Rico was out in 13th.

I knocked out Justin next with JJ. Justin had QT and my J on the flop let me relax a little. Justin was out in 12th.

Clara was the final table bubble girl. She got knocked out in 11th. She pushed with K8 and David called with the Jimmy (KQs). the board broght nothing and the Q kicker took it home for David.

Final Table chip counts:

Next out was Armando with 44 vs. Brad's 82. Manso only had 10K and it cost Brad 2K to call (no brainer). An 82K flop seized it for Brad. Our very own Mookie was out in 10th.

Michael Allen was next out in 9th by the hand (claw?) of Kitty (no info on hand). She followed in rapid succession and clawed me out in 8th. I had the Jimmy and she had big chick (AQ). A on the flop and an insulting K on the river ended my night. I went to the cash table and didn't keep very good track of the next eliminations.

David, 7th, was knocked out by Todd.

Carol, 6th, was knocked out by Joe.

Brad, 5th, was knocked out by Stuart.

Stuart, 4th, was knocked out by Joe.

Todd, 3rd, was knocked out by Joe.

Kitty and Joe celebrated being heads-up for the first time. They played for a little while and Joe's A2 was able to knock Kitty's Q7 out. The flop brought a 22.
Next game the Shark and Fish will be assigned as: Joe and Godfrey .

Thanks to everyone that made it out and those that were kind enough to bring food. We are hving our cabinets installed and hopefully the room will be complete by the next tourney on the weekend of April 13th.

See the tournament results here.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Monk Returns for the Grand Opening of the New Gameroom

We opened the game room with great success. We had 20 people, our max, and two alternates who didn't get to play. It will be interesting to see the response next tourney, now that it is known there may be a waiting list.

The room worked out as we hoped. We had put a lot of effort into painting, design, lighting, and all of it - we ended up with a room that's perfect for poker, and the whole family. The projector mount, new poker tables, spacing, "JEFF" chairs from IKEA, couch, tables for food, projector location, everything. We received lots of compliments and are glad everyone liked it. It was worth it. So, we had 20 players, which was good for a test since we wondered if it would be crowded.

The players included:


Mike B.
Michael Allan
Mike G.

We changed the format to one rebuy in the first hour and one add-on at the end of the first hour. As predicted, play was tighter for the first hour. There were only 6 rebuys, Bern, Stacey, Ian, carol, Armando, and Mike B. This was one more rebuy than Rico had himself in the last tourney. Everyone added on at the end of the first hour.

Play continued, I was in a very comfortable chip position at the end of the 1st hour with 10K over average. I managed to win a few nice pots and steal a few blinds. The table was playing solid for the most part.

Suddenly, at the other table, I heard a loud cracking sound. It was Todd's AA against "The Monk's" QJ. I call Godfrey "The Monk" because he was on tilt for a several weeks and made a triumphant return to the felt. His play was very solid, he was crushing people on the other table. I joked he had gone to Tibet and studied with the Monk's about Poker and discipline, because he was a new man.

I snapped a picture of him as he came down from the mountain to our house. Unfortunately Todd was out in 20th. Sorry Todd.

Nick was the next victim. He had QJd against Mike Baaaaaaaaa's AKo. He got a J on the flop, but the sheepman got the A on the turn. Nick was out in 19th.

Justin would soon face the Tibetan Rage when he tried to steal the pot from the Munk with KTh. The Monk caught two pair on the flop with his Q8o and Justin was out in 18th.

Jess had a commanding chip lead on his table before the break, but ran into trouble. He was down to 3K and pushed with 5Th. No luck against The Monk and Jess was out in 17th.

Godfrey had 3 of the first 4 eliminations and was up huge.

Next Ian would strike. Michael G's flush was busted on the river by Ian's fullhouse. Michael G. was out in 16th.

Next Henry would beat his nephew like a step child. Michael Allen got it all-in with AK. Henry said, "Start the car Weezy.", as he called with AA. Michael Allen was out in 15th.

A magician came in and made Mike Baaaaaaa disappear. I don't know what happened, except he "left the building" Rumor has it he caught a plane for Tibet. It is said he was on tilt bad and went to find peace in Tibet like Godfrey. Mike Baaaaa pusshed with Q5 after a 985 flop. Unfortunately for him, The Monk had 79. Mike Baaa was out in 14th.

Arnie was next out when his JT was matched against Rico libre's AQ. A Q on the flopped was topped by another on the river and Arnie was headed home when he was out in 13th.

Stuart started a man run at this point. He had been uncharacteristically been quite this Grand Opening night. He was picking his spots and layed some treacherous plays on people like when he min raised his pocket A's.

Stuart had A9d and Rico the Jimmy, KQ. The flop brought AdK3d and the turn a K. Stuart had Top two pair with a flush draw. Rico had trip K's. Rico was a 3:1 favorite at that point. But the 7d on the river sent Rico to the cash game. Rico was out in 12th.

Stuart then turned his guns on Susan. Susan got it all in with her signature hand, K8. Stu had A5. Stu caught the nut flush on the river and she was out in 11th.


Chip counts were as follows:

Since we were at the final table, I wanted to post a picture of the table and give some props to BC Tables. Brandon of BC tables did a nice job on the tables (I got two). He is very good at customer service and his price is reasonable.
As you can see the quality of the table is great. It is well built and he uses excellent materials. If you want more information, let me know I I will give you Brandon's contact information.

I had never played on a racetrack table, but I have always been drawn to the design. I like the fact that you can stack the chips taaaaaaaallll. Not that I ever get a tall stack, but it's fun to look at tall stacks across the table, and eventually from the rail.

By the way, both tables and all twenty chairs fit in the closet in the background. I rigged up a system to suspend the tables long ways. It works pretty well, but getting the tables in and out is a little tight. Back to the tourney.

Henry was the first victim at the final table. He moved in with AJ and Bern called with AA. He was out in 10th. The cobra was off to the cash table. Carol was still in, so he didn't have to worry about being check-raised by her at the cash table.

Diane was the next one to fall. She pushed a small stack in and Stuart called. Stuart's K high held and Diane was out in 9th.

Armando was at the cash table before he was out of the Tourney. He was showing his Mookie prowess by multi-tabling the cash game and the tourney. This was a first I've seen of this in a live game. All I can say is he's awesome.

However, his JJ did not make it past my KK and he was out in 8th. Oddly enough, he has not monied at my house this season, and I haven't moneyed at his either. Further, he is near the top of his points and money list as I am mine. Hmmmmm.

I took out Stuart next when I called a big raise with the Jimmy, KQs. Stuart had the Mookie T8s. Stuart spiked a T on the flop, but the Q on the river took it home for me. Stuart was out in 7th. He was off to the cash game.

At this point I had 200K in chips and was chip leader. I began to donk of about 35K in each of 3 out of the next 10 hands. Had I managed this stack better, i would have gone deeper into the money.

Carol moved all-in with the Jimmy and Monk called with AK. the better hand won, Henry cashed out and Weezy started the car. Weezy (Carol) was out in 6th. I want to pay special thanks to Henry and Carol for our very nice doormat. Thanks guys, what a cool present!

Monk now went up against Ian. Ian's KQ started to race Monk's 44. The flop brought K72, but the 4 on the turn held up and the Monk sent Ian packing down the Tibetan trails. Ian was out in 5th. Ian was the bubble boy.

44 would prove to be a lucky hand for the Monk. My Tourist hand A7o would not be enough to win after making a move against Godfrey on the BB. He called and the 44 held through another race. I caught an A on the flop, but the 4 on the river killed me. I was in the money, but out in 4th.

Stacey was out in 3rd. Since I joined the cash game, I can't say what happened.

A few minutes later, Bern and Monk chopped and it was over.

We played cash for a few minutes more. At 145AM and we had 5 people interested in a second turbo tourney.


We began.

I didn't win a single hand. I was out in 4th. Stuart faired slightly worse. His aggression didn't pay off and he was out first, in 5th. I crashed on the couch while Justin, Rico and Stacey battled on. Justin was out in 3rd and Rico and Stacey chopped.

All in all it was an awesome night, ending at about 4Am. We appreciate all that made it out. Once again, thanks to all those that brought food.

We will be having another tourney the weekend of the 23rd. Check out the stats here.