Sunday, November 18, 2007

Run, Joe, Run

Joe is simply on a rampage. He has won 3 out of the last 4 tourneys he's been in. The one he didn't win, he got 2nd.

I thought of the title of this post and remembered this show. I googled it and found some funny stuff.

How cheesy were the shows we used to watch in the 70's.

The show is a cross between Lassie and the Fugitive. Joe always helps people in each episode.

I watched this show as a kid. If you watched this show, leave a comment. If you are not sure, check out this link.

I came across the last episode's theme when I was googling this and man it's not cool. Here is the recap:

Joe is picked up by a dog catcher and the man who takes Joe home intends on
using Joe's help to commit robberies.

That sucks for Joe (the dog) - he ends up a criminal. I guess kids were much tougher in the 70's. Today, if a kid saw this, they would need counseling and therapy. LOL

Back to Poker.

We lost Shawn before the break. Jeff was next and we were at the final table. I was happy with my, coming off a Vegas trip I felt comfortable and made a lot of moves. I was final table chip leader.

I got "NO LOVE" with AK in 3 hands and was down to 18K. I made a move (a bad one) when Michael raised 3x UTG and I pushed for another 9K. I had AQ, he had AK! Naturally the hand held up for him and I was out! Kitty was the bubble and Paul (Pavel) took third, his first cash at our house. Ian took down second. Congrats to all.

Thanks to those that brought food. We had a good time.

I really don't remember much else. I did capture the results and posted them here.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Another GREAT Weekend

This weekend started out with a small group for some poker. We had only 9 players, but it was really nice to be able to conentrate on some poker. Our players included three new (experienced) players named Peter, Diana and Paul. They rounded out the group to make it 9. The other players included Toby, Godfrey, Tyrone, Todd, Rico, an myself. Rico brought some Queso and chips in a crock pot and it was very good. Thanks Rico.

Very early in the game, Todd and Diana went to war on a KT6 flop. Diana played aggresssively and got it all-in. Todd having AK called and was the first rebuy when she turned over TT. Todd called me names (in a friendly way) Free Smiley Face Courtesy of when I put him on his AK.

I started off pretty strong and within the first 20 minutes I had doubled my stack. A little later, I found KK in the BB. Rico was to my right in the small blind. The pot was raised 3x, and I reraised to 3x of that making it 9X. Original raser folded, Rico jammed. I immediately called and proudly flipped my KK. Rico turned over AA. Coolered. Nice play Rico... by you just calling, I could ever imagine you had them there rockets.

I did not go on tilt. (But I did call him names). Free Smiley Face Courtesy of

Several people got Rockets (some twice) and there were plenty of pocket pairs to go around. Todd got paid off with Quad Kings.

Later in the game I got all-in with QQ vs. JJ (Godfrey) and he turned a J.

I did not go on tilt.

Later I had a set cracked by a straigt, on the river.

I did not go on tilt.

I did get good cards and managed to knock a few players out. Rico ended up the bubble a few hands after I sucked out on him with TT vs. KK. I was fairly short stacked and jammed. Rico called and the JQ8 flop didn't bring the T we were both looking for. The turn was a 6, but the river a...........9! The worst part was Rico didn't see the straight and started for the pot. Its a tough beat. It was like Rico was making it past an intersection and to his surprise... I think this video sums up the situation.

Once Rico was out this happened... Rico was on his way out (he was steaming, and who wouldn't be). He was half way down the steps and he came back saying, "I forgot my crock pot." I thought a big can was going to come through the roof and crush him. Too funny.

Godfrey took 3rd when I raised with 55 and he made a move with A3o. I pondered and called. My 55 held up.

It was Tyrone and I heads-up. I got lucky on the first hand with KJ. I raised and Tyrone called. I hot top pair and Tyrone bluffed at the pot. I havd a 2:1 chip advantage and didn't want to lay down top pair so I called and Tyrone was bluffing. It was all over. My first win of the season.

Saturday I had to pick my daughter up at a lockin at 5AM. Then Stacey and I went to see play at Paramount Theater. It was very funny.

Now, I am heading to Vegas for another shot at some poker and fun. I will be meeting Stuart at the airport in 3 hours. We are meeting henry, carol, Scott, Mookie and Clara. Gonna be an awesome time as usual.

Oh yeah, check out the latest stats here.