Thursday, November 30, 2006

Chick Fight

We hosted during turkey weekend. We had 13 playas.

Mookie and Mrs. Mookie, Mike B., Joanne, Rico, Todd, David (Armyman), Godfrey, Crisitine, Michael, Diane, my fabulous wife (kung-foo fighter = inside joke) and me.

I played fairly loose and continued to pay my dues from last week at the Big-O. I have decided Mookie and David have hollow legs. We drank scotch and I got pretty crazy, so I don't remember too many hands. I rebought once with about 3 others. Cristine wasn't feeling it and tried to go home, but with some gentle nudging from me and some others, she rebought. You go Girl~!!!

We needed to lose 3 for the final table. Unfortunately Diane, Rico, and David bombed out.

When we took counts at the final table we were stacked as follows:

Mike B.24K

Once I had a good buzz going I played two hands all-in KK and AA. I doubled up both times. I doulled though the Mook with KK vs. TT after I took it down, I said, "drink with me Brotha", and we had another shot. Unfortunately David had left by this time.

We played on and three were eliminated fairly quickly and we were down to 7.

Have you heard of the movie Clash of the Titans? Well, we experienced....

"Clash of the Tourists"


The flop was A7J rainbow and we got it all in. I was short stack with about 30K and Mook was the chip leader. A diamond came around the turn and Mook needed one more... and one flowed down the river , I was out in 7th. No mas drinking for me... since that 3% lose vs. 97% tie sobered me right up.
Godfrey would be the bubble boy and Mook took 3rd for another cash. The chicks (Crisitine and JoAnne would play a few hands and decide to chop it up...
It was all over.
Congrats to the Money makers. Once again thanks for all the food people brought and the good fun.
We are hosting again on the 8th for our last game of the year.
We had Michael, Todd, Godfrey, Armando, Joanne and Cristine.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Burger Mania

A friend of mine recently set a record. He ate one Wendy's Hamburger... with 9 patties. The challenge needed to be complete in 75 minutes.

He and I have watched and liked Cool Hand Luke. In the movie Luke (Paul Newman) eats 50 hard-boiled eggs.

My friend was met by about 15 of us at the local Wendy's. He was calm and cool, but a little intense as the "MONSTER" burger was ordered, "I would like a Wendy's triple with 6 extra patties of meat, two pieces of cheese and two pieces of lettuce on the side."

The Wendy's people all freaked out and after it was rung up it cost $11.18!

The burger was carried to the table. We grabbed a booth and I sat directly across from him with people on all sides. I thought he might feel crowded. At any rate, the clock was started and my friend threw the lettuce away and "went to work". He ate the thing by eating the edges in a circular pattern as grease dripped steadily over his fingers and onto the foil wrapper. I was impressed how he attacked the thing - as if it was a "normal" burger.

I had ordered a single, one patty - "girlie" burger. I was pretty full when I finished mine, but my buddy kept after the monster. A few minutes went by and we began to wonder,"What percentage of the original burger has he eaten?" We estimated the quantity eaten was about 3 patties of the 9 total, but it was really hard to tell.

At the point when the entire bottom bun had dissolved (it just disappeared!), he set the burger down and began peeling off the patties and eating them one by one. This had many benefits, he had a yard stick for how many patties he had left, he freed his hands from the grease, and he didn't have to feel that "cold hunk of meat and grease" on his hands.

He would get up and walk around and jump in place (not sure what that was all about). Since he was walking around, I thought he might want some room so I moved to give him some room. I kept giving him encouragement, although he never faltered and just kept power eating through the monster.

With about 25-30 minutes to spare, he finished it. Applause rang through the restaurant. During the challenge several customers watched intently and my friend accumulated a small following.

Then the unthinkable...

He ordered another hamburger!!!

He stripped the bun and all the trimmings and ate the mustard covered patty. It took him about 5 minutes to choke it down. Man, it was disgusting and awesome at the same time.

All in all it was a lot of fun and eating that much "junk" is crazy. What impressed me the most was my friend’s ability to focus on the "job". There was a lot of heckling and jabbing at him, but he kept after his goal. He beat his goal and then stunned us all with an additional burger.

Wow, Wow, Wow!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Poker Home game back

I have a few Vegas stories for my next blog, want to get the results of this weeks game in now.

Two weeks ago we cancelled the game because we didn't have enough players. November 10th was better. We had 11 - Mike, Mookie (Clara stayed home and it was bitter sweet = we missed her, but appreciated the weaker player of the two haha), Joe, Kitty, Rico, Godfrey, Ian, Cristine, Todd, and my lovely wife Stacey (aka Jersey Girl) and I .

*Picture credits to BIG_O's Mookie

We split into two tables of six and five and I had Mookie, Ian, Todd, Godfrey, Rico, and Joe at my table. Play was fast and loose for the first hour. There were several rebuys. I played some off the wall hands and got very lucky at Godfrey's expense. I played 35d and flopped a 7 high straight to stack him once, followed by K2d to take a big pot. I knocked him out after the break with A7s when I flopped two pair. It was one of those nights were you knock heads with the same player and come out on top each time.

Mookie did masterfully drop the hammer on me and played well (last emodicon, I promise). Joe played like a demon on steroids and raised aggressively to chip up well.

After the break Stacey was out when her set was topped by Mike's set (that turned into a boat). We combined at the final table and play went on. Ian knocked out both Rico and Kitty out when Rico's 44 and Kitty's QQ could not hold up to set. Ian had huge chips.

I had a huge hand against Mike when I had JJ on the button. The blinds were 100 and 2000. I raised to 7K preflop. Mike called. The flop came JK9, giving me a set of J's. Mike checked, I bet 7K, Mike called again. The turn was a K. I had J's full of K's now. I took a little time and considered going all in, instead I bet 12K after his check. He again called. The river was a 5. He checked again and I bet 17K. He called and showed 99 for a boat 9's full of K's. I was a bit afraid he had KJ. Now I had big chips.

What would you have done differently or did I make the right play? I believe he would have called an all-in and this would later haunt me in a big way.

We got downn to 4 with Joe, Ian, Mike and myself. Ian was the bubble boy and Joe took 3rd. Mike stacked both of them and had 2x on me when we went heads-up. I didn't play aggressive enough and he chipped away at me (he played well!) . He ground me down with aggressive play and I really never threatened him. I took home second wondering what would have happened on the earlier hand if I went all-in?

We had a great time and it was nice to play at home after the long hours in Vegas. Thanks to all the bought food and stuff!!! We always appreciate it!!