Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tourney Number 4

This was the last "downstairs" tourney as we have the Game Room almost complete. I have new poker tables being built and they should be ready for number 5.

We had a repeat of last week as far as the number players, 17. We had a two players make their season debuts, Ian and Zack.

The playas were as follows:

Michael Allan
Mike B.
Henry (the Cobra)
Mike G.

Play was crazy for the first four rounds with rebuys galore. Rico takes the trophy for the most rebuys at 5. A new record at our house. Scott and I had 2 each and Henry and Kitty had one a piece. Almost everyone added on.

Zach was the first victim of the tournament. First time playing at our house, first one out. Will he be back? He's welcome, but time will tell.

This donkey was the next one out. During the rebuy rounds, I played really loose and ran my TP into Michael Allen's set. I built my stack back up to over 40K. I was sitting pretty then, as usual, I blew it. I got into another hand with none other than... Michael. He had a set of 10s and I called his all-in with an OESD. No luck and I am rebuying again. He cost me two rebuys...

I rebought and had about lost the blinds and ended up with about 18K at the beginning of round 5, average stack was 30K+.

I made a move with AT to pick up the blinds and a limper. Michael G. called and his KK held up and I was out in 16th. YUCK!!!

Armando was soon to follow, being knocked out in 15th. His 55 made a set on a 256 diamond flop, but Ian hit his flush when he showed JTd. The turn and river didn't pair the board and Mook was out.

Carol got KT all-in with Joe's QQ. The QQ held up after the Qj5 flop, folled by a J on the turn. Carol was "starting the car". She ended the night in 14th.


Stacey and Henry mixed it up. Stacey stealthly played her AK and Henry his AJ. Henry was making his patented cobra sign at Stacey as he turned over his AJ. Stacey was a 3 to 1 favorite. The flop was A48 making Stacey a 7:1 favorite. But the turn was not merciful, a J for Henry and Stacey is a looking at a 6% chance to win. River = 9 and Stacey says, "The Cobra stung me in the ass". She was out in 13th and joined Carol for some Girlie talk.

Michael Allen's luck continued when he played his 79h against Joe's KT the flop gave Michael 4 to the flush and the turn sealed Joe's fate with the Ah. Joe was out in 12th.

Rico's $70 brought him him far. He got about 3 hours of play in doe a mere $23/hr. One hand in Vegas... of about 45 seconds. In those terms, I did well!!! Rico got whacked by Stuart when his 9Ts was bested by Stuart's JQo. Rico flopped two pair and Stu the straight on the 9TK flop... no help for Rico and he was out in 11th.

Let the cash game begin! Stacey, Joe, Rico, and I started a cash game....


(forgot to get chip counts)

In 10th was Mike G. His 66 was no match for Michael's KK and Mike G. was out. A good showing...

Kitty had A8 on the BB, Mike B. Q6 the flop brought an A and a Q. Mike B. hit his 2 outer on the river, and Kitty was done in 9th...

Henry and Ian mixed it up, Henry (Cobra) had KK and Ian (Mongoose), AT. They got it all in and the Mongoose got an A on the flop and another on the turn. The cobra had Weazy start the car. Out in 8th.

Mike B. claimed another victim when his AJ killed Todd's QJ and Todd was out in 7th.

6th place went to Stuart when his KQd (the Jimmy) got run into Ian's AKo.

We were down to the bubble position. We had Justin, Michael Allen, Scott, Mike B. and Ian left in the game. The five of them decided to safe out $20. Pulling $5 from each place gave a 5th paying spot.

Watch this video to see how the technical bubble hand went down...

3rd time is a charm. Justin is the bubble for the third week in a row. Down to 4.

Watch this video to see how fourth place went down.

Not sure what Mike B's statement about "loving the Queens" was all about, maybe something like this...

Down to 3.

In this final video, watch how Michael Allen manages to knock out 2 people and spill his beer all over my floor. As he knocks it over, pay particular attention to "It's only on the wood". Actually, Michael, I am glad that happened, because you reaffirmed my decision to wait on replacing our carpet updstairs. :)

That's it. Michael Allen makes it a back to back victory and wins the last downstairs tourney. See the latest stats here.

Thanks to everyone who came out and all that brought food.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Blogger Pods Freerole

I’m registered in the free BloggerPods poker tournament.
Poker Mac

I am registered, are you?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tourney 3 Recap

Sorry this post is late, and as a consequence, short.

We had another fine turn out for the third tourney of the year. I got off to a bad start running the tourney as I wasn't as ready as usual when we started. I was a bit frazzled as we started, but it worked out. I hadn't had that happen before... oh well.

The players were as follows:

1) Michael Allan
2) Joe
3) Jim
4) Stacey
5) Kitty
6) Justin
7) Clara - Mookie was Missing
8) Betty
9) Rico
10) Todd
11) Nick
12) Cristine
13) Stuart
14) Henry
15) Kevin
16) Carol
17) Scott

We got started off and the tables were loose. There were 13 rebuys. I got lucky and somehow managed to chip up to about 65K without rebuying. Part of my luck came from cracking Kitty's AA. I had 9T and got in cheap, the flop gave me top pair and I bet, Kitty raised and I called. We went back and forth as the turn wasn't an overcard and I ended up going all in after the river gave me TTT. Kitty rebought.

At the break, we had 14 add-ons which made for a nice pot.

After the break, Scott was the first victim and was eliminated by Michael Allen. Carol was next, followed by Kevin. At this point, I got moved to the other table between Todd and Henry. I had lots of chips and so did Todd. We went back and forth and he took a nice pot off me with a flopped set to my two pair.

I called Henry's AJ all-in with AQ. He was out. Next Stacey eliminated Stuart, Joe eliminated Cristine, and Stacey struck again and eliminated Nick.

We were at final table.

Chip counts were as follows:


Joe was 1st in chips and Stacey was a close 2nd. Average stack was 57.6 chips.

Todd was the first one out ast the final table, knocked out by me. Rico got knocked out by Michael Allen and Betty by Joe. I knocked out Clara and Justin and had some real chips now +220K.

Kitty was the bubble when she was knocked out by Stacey. Then I knocked out Stacey.

She still gave me a nice Valentine's Present.

We were down to the final three. I had the chip lead. I lost a big chunk to Michael when my AKo didn't improve against his TT. I lost the rest of my chips with top pair, improving into top two pair, but this wasn't enough to overcome Michael's rivered straight.

Michael and Joe were heads-up. Michael took it down and was the big winner.

See the latest standings here. Check out the new Donkey Point Leader.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hammer Day Cash Game

2/7/2007 is hammer day. I learned a lot about the celebrated hand from part of the post on Pauly's website.

I played a 0.25 and 0.50 cash game with Joe, Kitty, Rico, and Dave L. (sp?). I tried to use some things I learned from this book (I know I am behind in my reading). It worked out well. We were playing five handed so hands vs. pot odds needed to be adjusted a little. I was able to take an occasional pot away by betting the right amount to take away their pot odds when I put people on draws.

I was getting cards and that certainly helped, but I was able to make pretty good reads and avoid trouble.

The last hand of the night, I had 79o. I limped into a pot with 2 callers. The flop came A68 rainbow. I bet $2 and everyone folded except Joe, he called, on the button. The turn came as a 10, giving me the nut straight. I checked, he checked. The river brought a 3. I had the nuts, no pairs on board, only two of any suit. Assuming he had a pair at best, I bet $1.50, he raisied to $3, I re-raised to $6, he re-raised to 11, and I went all-in.

He showed AA for a set, brutal. He slow played the flop and I caught the turn for the nuts. I listened to Daniel Negreanu describe how to play this hand on a poker show. This is the 2nd big pot (relatively speaking) I have won with it, because nobody can put you on it. Sweet.

Playing again this Saturday night at our house, should be a blast.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Kings go Crack at the Mookie

We played at the Mookie last night and it was a night of cracked Kings. Stacey and I both had our Kings cracked in a big way. On seperate tables, Stacey had her's cracked by Clara playing the (the Kittie, aka ). Stacey's beat cost her some chips, mine cost me my life.

I was playing +/- 2K from average. I was staying even by making a move every round or so. I wanted to play some big pots as people's M's went down.

I had KK one from the Button. I raised 3x = $3000 and Scott called in the SB. The flop came 78J rainbow. Scott checked, I bet $6000 and he went all in. I put him on a pair to start with and was somewhat concerned he may have JJ. I was pot committed with only about $13K left in chips and an M of about 6. I hoped he had TT or QQ. He had TT. Great! He's down to 6 outs.

Then, the 9 on the turn and I was OUT, NUTTED, BUSTED, DRAWING DEAD! That's poker bad luck! It happens...

I had a good time and it was nice to be at the Mookie. I was 2nd out (doesn't happen too often), but Stacey made it to the final table. See the tournament results here.