Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Back from Iraq

We had a smallish group last tourney and a few no shows because people forgot over the long weekend. I was out of town a few days doing customer presentations so I haven't had time to blog the last tourney.

I was first out, followed quickly by Armando and Henry. There were some brutal smack downs after Joel went on a major card run. I lost to him when he limped with K's and I had the Jimmy, KQ, and flopped 2 pair. His set of Kings was too much and even though I caught the Q on the turn for a boat, his boat was bigger.

I saw Joel get AA at least 4 times. The cards were in Joel's favor I figure a guy that spent (a lot of) time in Iraq and made it home safe HAS to be running good.

Joel and Diana chopped, and Joe took third for another cash. Congrats.

I posted the points, check out the link here.