Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mookie with Wings

Tonight I met my fabulous wife and our friend Cristine to play a freerole NL Hold'em at Wings and Things... it's a very tough place to play. You need luck luck luck to even make the final table. You start with $1000 in chips, and the blinds start at 25/50 and double every 10 minutes. There are about 50 people playing and I have heard the following:

"You can't go all-in if someone else does."

After the flop, "How come he gets three more cards and I don't get any?"

"Is and ace one or eleven?"

I went for one reason - to practice identifying tells...

I picked up several body position tells on a couple of players. One player threw his chips in the pot when he was bluffing. Problem was I didn't get any good hands all night, I finally got knocked out in about 25th with ATs (best hand I saw) against 77. Flopped two pair, he rivered a 7. Oh well. It was free and i got out what I wanted....

Better results are sure to come in the Mookie.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Friday Night Poker with Prizes!!!

We hosted a NL hold-em tournament at our house. We had 17 players sign up and we started promptly on-time. The list of players were as follows (no bloggers): Cindy, Corley, Cristine, Diane, Dolores, Godfrey, Hoa, Jim, Kevin, Michael, Michael G., Rico, Stacey (aka JerseyGirl and my lovely wife!!!), Steve, Stuart, and Todd.

Stacks to start were 15,000, with rebuys for the first hour (for stacks <= 5,000) and either a 5,000 or 10,000 add-on after the first hour.

We gave prizes to make it interesting...
You got a prize if you:
  • loose a showdown with AA, KK, QQ, or AK (suited)
  • are the first one knocked out after the rebuy rounds are complete
  • bubble
  • rebuy the most
  • get to a showdown and you hold quads or higher
  • win a hand by bluffing and show the hammer (72)

There were only two rebuys and the tables played very tight. I started off at a table with JerseyGirl and successfully bluffed her with the swedish hammer (no prize), but after Michael busted out before the rebuy period was over, I was moved to the other table.

There was one particular early hand where Hoa worked me for a few thousand by slow playing his flopped wheel (A5 straight) to my pair of 10's. Stuart was at this table and chipped up big by a combination of bullying and getting good hands. Todd and Godfrey were also doing very well, and Rico was holding his own. I managed to take Stuart out with AA, after he was crippled by Todd.

We were at the final table.

At the final table the chip counts were as follows:


I was short for a while until I caught Godfrey bluffing when I limped one from the button with A5. I took a lot of chips from him and that set me up. I then knocked out Corley (my AA vs. his 33), Rico (my KK vs. his 44) and Cindy (my AK vs. QJ?? I think). Rico seemed to have learned the chip throwing technique from Wes. I think he was a little TILTY. :)

Cindy was the bubble... then it was Kevin, Todd, Godfrey and me for the $$$.

Kevin was short stacked and took forth... We played a few hands and the rest of us chopped.

At the end it was me - 174,500, Todd - 146,000, and Godfrey - 68,500. I took $100 and each of them took $74.

The prizes went down as follows....

PrizesWho won...
Big Hand LosersCindy-QQ, Corley-QQ, Hoa-AA
Hammer BluffersCorley, Stuart
Most RebuysCindy, Michael - 1 each
1st OutDiane
Win with Quads or HigherNobody

Thanks to everyone that made it out to the tourney. We had a great time and look forward to the next one.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Looking forward to this....

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 7330476

Friday, May 26, 2006

Chop Chop

Played in a live Thursday game with some friends. We have been playing about three Thursdays a month now for over a year. We tease each other a lot and it's always a good time.

There were 7 of us to start, $20 buy in. $40 for 2nd, $100 for first. I started of with KK 1st hand! I won that hand and went dry for a while. John was the the first one out when his AA got cracked by Rico's 99. AA flopped trips, Rico got trips on the turn. AA went all-in, Rico called - and then the one outer - 9 on the river for QUADS.

Played for a while until Rico took out Wes - Wes showered Rico with his chips... he and Rico like to cut up a lot. After rico collected his chips off the chairs, floor, and all over the table, we were down to 5.

I took out Bern next with AT vs. KT. I had the chip lead at this point and we are down to 4.

We played for a while and I went all-in against AT with KJ. I had folded KJ earlier and thought about folding, but Susan can bluff so I decided to call.
I under-estimated her stack size (very bad thing to do) and after losing the hand was severly crippled.

I managed to hang on and Steve busted out. Susan had about 125K in chips and and Rico split the rest about 60/40 - me smaller. I offered we chop 2nd for $20 each and he took it, so in 2 hours or so I broke even.

I came home and found $40 in my PartyPoker account :), mine if I play 400 raked hands... I am up to $100 in about 50 hands... we'll see if I can meet the raked hand requirement this weekend.

Tonight we had my home game and I'll give a full report before heading over to the Big-O for the Mookie High Roller tourney.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

QQ Good, JJ Bad...

Last night I won a single table SNG on Stars... no biggie, but QUADS AGAIN!!!

That's a spicy meatball!

I played the Mookie tonight, but wasn't as fortunate - I won the first two hands for some decent pots and was on a little role, then my KTs ran into TripJax's A5. I didn't put him on the Ace, I took a hit...

I came back with a few hands and then, I got JJ and ran into Kaellinn18's KK... out in 22nd.

I enjoy playing with the bloggers and will hpefully play the WWdN and DADI soon... so as MiamiDon says... line up!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Took The Plunge

Well, I am a blogger now. I am glad to be part of the poker bloggers. I will have mookie99 and hopefully some others pimp my blog. If anyone has any tips for me, let me know.

My first post has to be the hand I got in a 4 person NL Head-up tourney on Stars... even I couldn't donk of the chips after this hand and ended up winning.

More posts to come... staytuned.