Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sorry for the late post...

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. This tournament post for the Jersey Poker game will be very short. I have forgotten the details long ago. What I do remember is I was knocked out very early. I felt a little like this guy...

My FIL (father-in-law), Vince, chopped with Michael and my MIL (mother -in-law), Joan made the final table.

Oh yeah - we all had a great time. Thanks to everyone that brought food.

Please see the results here.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Mookie's Home Game

Had a good run at the money and as always, a GOOD time at the Big O. The rebuys were feverish and the pot was huge. I managed not to have to rebuy. I had about average stack pretty much all night.

I was at the final table and had this situation:

I had about 75K in chips and was either shorty or shorty + 1. I had KTo on the SB with the button (biggest stack) limper and the BB checking. The flop was K75 of diamonds. I bet 25K, The BB folds and the button pushes all in, forcing me to go all-in or fold with TP, medium kicker.
The blinds were 5K and 10K. Michael was the button.

What do you do?

Please comment on the hand and let me know what you would do next, or what I should have done different.


I eventually got kicked in the junk in this situation:

I got knocked out with 99 when I pushed against 88 and QsTc. The flop missed the 88 and the QT, but brought two spades. The turn another spade, and the river... another spade. I dodged all the 8's, Q's and T's but not the spades. Runner, runner flush and I am out in 6th. Good thing we safed the $20.

It works out like this Preflop:

9c 9h 43.13%
8c 8d 17.86%
Qs Tc 38.72%

Post 2s 5s Jd FLOP:

9c 9h 61.68 %
8c 8d 7.97%
Qs Tc 30.34 %

Post 7s TURN

9c 9h 64.29 %
8c 8d 2.38%
Qs Tc 33.33%

I felt like this guy on the motrocycle.

In honor of April Fools day yesterday, you will enjoy this one: