Sunday, October 28, 2007

25 on the 26th

We had a record number, 25!, players this week. We had a lot of newbies and they all played like they have been playing longer than they actually had. The newbies included: Angela, Amil, Corley, Josue, Lyndsey, Ryan, Shawn, and Tolitz.

We had two bounties up for grab this week:
  1. $10 Lowe's Gift Card for knocking out Jeff

  2. $10 cash for a random head (Stuart this week)

We started nearly on time and almost all bonuses were paid out. Thanks for being on time.

We had 3 tables set at 8, 8, and 7. We lost Amil before the break (has happened before). After about 2 hours we had lost enough to combine to 2 tables of 10.

With 25 people, I was the points bubble in 14th. I managed to double-up after the rebuy period when my 92o flopped trips against Alper's 77. I managed to get it all-in and Alper called me. Lucky for me.

Alper struck back when I had about 16K in chips and made an early position push with K6o. My logic was with the blinds at 3 and 6K, I wouldn't see a hand better before I had my stack reduced in half. Alper made a good A9s call after a long deliberation. I was out in 14th.

I thought about my play and why I had to rebuy 4 times!!! One shy of Rico's record. I slow played a set into a flush early and that was really silly. I was really off my game with all the commotion of hosting 25. I also never saw a pair higher than 77. I did get AK twice. No excuses, but I should have been more patient , especially after i realized I was off my game and unsettled. A lesson.

Enough about me...

Shortly after I was out, my Vegas roommate got eliminated and Rico scooped the $10 cash bounty.

We made it to final table and the FTP's included:

  1. Rico

  2. Stacey

  3. Jeff

  4. Joe

  5. Kitty

  6. Armando

  7. Shawn

  8. Godfrey

  9. Kevin

  10. Alper

Shawn managed to bubble (not bad for his first time). Godfrey, Kevin, and Armando also fell short of the money.

Stacey got 6th and Alper 5th. Rico came through in 4th.

Play continued for a while between Kitty, Joe, and Jeff. Kitty moved all-in with JTo (uncharacteristically loose for her, IMHO) and Joe called with Ax. Joe won out and had a 3:1 chip advantage and was now heads-up with Jeff.

They only played a couple of hands until Jeff made a move with 86d. Joe looked him up and won the tourney and the $10 Gift Card Bounty! Wow - nice payouts for both 1st and 2nd.

Congrats to all the money winners and thanks to everyone that made it out. Special thanks to everyone that brought some snacks to share.

Check out the standings here.

Stacey and I decided to fix the cap at 20 players. The room was just a little too crowded. I will make an exception for the Championship Tourney.

I have sent an evite for a game on November 2nd. I will also be hosting on the 9th.

I will post the next few tourneys planned beyond these dates in a couple days.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Poker on the 12th of October and the October Classic

We had a nice group of 13 players including two players from our Manila office. I didn't take down a lot of stats for this one, but did get the standings covered.

Check them out here.

I played at the Big-O last Friday and managed to take a 3rd place. After a long drought, I am finally moving up on the money and points lists. I knocked out Armando and I think Armando has given a new definition for "Little People, Big World". Congrats to Todd on a solid victory. He played extremely well and despite his lucky run (Dem's Quads Bitches x 2) would have won going away. Well done.

This week we will be hosting Friday night. The evite is sent and it will surely be a good time. I am putting a $10 Lowes Gift Card up for a bounty on Jeff. He got a BIG promotion and will be leaving Austin in a few months. We are really sad to have our good friends leave us, but understand opportunity can change things quickly. Jeff's daughter and my daughter are best friends and it will be difficult for both of them. Congratulations, Jeff.

We had a great time at Rico's party, there was plenty of food, fun, drinking, poker, darts, and scary stuff. As always, Rico throws a GREAT party - thanks dude! baby!
Rico threw this costume together in a jiffy because at the start of the party his girlfriend, Liz was the ONLY person dressed up. Others came dressed up later, and there were a lot of good costumes.

Pretty strong resemblance. Rumor has it, Scotty may return to the felt soon. Now, Rico just needs some major cash and no one will know the difference.

MLB = WTF happened to my teams?

I am sorry to see the Indians blow a 3-1 lead in the ALCS. However, they played bad and deserved to be watching the World Series just like the rest of us. They made really bad decisions in G7. Leaving in a pitcher inning after iinning even though he gave up 10 hits, not allowing K-Lo to score and tie the game. They held him at third and the next batter hit into a DP. Ouch!!!

I now want Boston to win.

I am not a Rockies fan, and the only NL teams I like is the D-backs (my AZ history) and the Cards because Todd is a bud and he likes them too.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Review of site

The following is a paid review for This site is an Online guide to popular online casinos and online poker rooms.


  • I found the site to be rather simple to use.
  • I found many casino sites I have never heard of.
  • I found casino sites that gave a free bonus with no cash deposit.
  • I found casino sites that give the highest payouts.
  • For the sites with the highest payouts, you can drill down and get more info (games types, number of each game type, and a review and rating).
  • The site is informative and only takes a few seconds to get information.


  • Poker site content is weak. Only three sites listed in their "top 5".
  • The site has fixed content. For example the sports book only lists the top 5 sites, rather than all the sites or a longer list.
  • The column headings for the lists are fixed - you can't pick what things you would like to see. Also, they are not sortable.

I think the site is worth checking out. I will definitely try out some of the "free" stuff. If I score big, maybe I will move some money and get some bonuses for logging on other sites. It will be a good warm-up for a Vegas trip. Give it a try.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Carol, Carol, Carol...

This girl is HOT.

She has absolutely dominated the felt. She has taken down the last 4 out of 5 games between Mookies and my house. She won both of the games on the 14th, and the game on the 29th. At the Mookie on Friday night, she shredded me at heads-up and I took 2nd, despite having a slight chiplead at the start. I had no chance. She hit trips several times and hit a straight and a flush. I was dominated. I am glad she got good cards, if she didn't, she would have simply outplayed me. I watched her do it in all the previous heads-up confrontations. Well done.

I didn't take down any stats again - lazy and tilting from being bounced early. However, I did update the standings here.


I am hoping the Indians take down the Yankees tomorrow. I lived in Cleveland for a couple years and got caught up in the deep love for the team in that city. I cheered them to two losses of the World Series in the 90's. I enjoy watching Kenny Loften (the only remaining player form the great team of the 90's) steal bases and run with amazing speed, even at his age now.

Last nights game was a pitching dual that ended bizzarly with swarms of midges. Yankees rookie Joba Chamberlain was covered with the midges, an insect related to mosquitoes. He threw a pair of wild pitches that allowed the tying run to score in the eighth, and Cleveland went on to win 2-1 in 11 innings and take a 2-0 lead.

check it out. All the little white specks are the BUGS!!!

I am glad to see the D-backs take down the Cubies (sorry Mook). I also lived in AZ and my Mom was a big fan up until she passed away. When they won the whole thing in 2001 it was really special for her, and therefore me.

It would be pretty cool if the D-backs and the Tribe went all the way.

Time will tell.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pokerstars Blogger Event

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 4392840