Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Poker Question

Check out Mike's blog and let me know what the right move for him is after my all-in?

I am wondering how you may have played Mike's hand.

Leave a comment if you can.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Two in one night...

Last weekend we played 2 tourneys due to the fact that we only had 9 players.

Congratulations to Carol for "bulldozing" both games. She took both games down with mad skilz.

I didn't capture any information except the stuff for the points competition. Here is an amusing video.

I think this lady had a few too many. Good thing this kid had extra chins...

Check out the stat pages here.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Season 2,Game 1 - Recap

We kicked off the season with a small field of 11. We had a few last minute cancellations and lost 4 players. We had to lose one for the final table and that didn’t happen until after the break. Play was tight and we had 6 rebuys from 4 people. Everyone added on. We randomly selected a head for the bounty and JoAnne was the lucky (unlucky) winner.

We had a few boys down from the mountain. Jesse and Godfrey climbed down and joined us for the kickoff.

Armando raised to 3X and Kitty called as the BB. The flop brought JT9. Kitty bet big and Armando went all in and showed QQ. Kitty turned over AA, Armando had 10 outs and caught the K on the river for a straight to knock out Kitty. We were at the final table. Kitty got 11th.

Here are the chip counts.

Michael was the next one out. He got whacked by Stuart. Stu had KQ and Micheal’s Qx was no good when the board had a Q. Michael was “kicked” out in 10th.

Godfrey ran AK into Jesse’s KK and Jesse I thought Jesse may have left Godfrey on the Mountain. I saw Godfrey at a work convention this week and he seemed to be in the foothills and not on the mountain, so I think he’ll be back. Godfrey got 9th.

Stacey was the next one out when she jammed with 89s and Mookie showed TT’s. No help for Jersey girl and she was out in 8th.

Armando now went on a RAMPAGE.

He knocked out the next 6 players.

7th - Jesse fell with 88 vs. Mook’s AA.
6th - Joanne fell with A7 vs. Mook’s KQ (Jimmy) – KQ on flop
4th and 5th - Jeff (Q9s) and Joe (88) lost to Mook (AQc) – flop A62, turn, K, river T.
3rd– me A5s, Mook (66) – he limped, and slow played his set. I hit the 5 on the flop and was picked off when I made a move. Good play.

Armando donated the $5 bounty as a 5th place prize. A nice gesture from the Mook.

Stuart and Armando went heads up for about 30 minutes. Armando had a huge chip advantage, but Stuart was chipping away. The final hand was brutal.

They got it all in after the flop of A62. Stuart showed A8 and Armando A4. The turn brought a J, and he river…. a 4!

WOW – Mr. Lucky knocked out all but three of the eleven players. When he walked down the stairs, this fell out of his shorts. Nobody touched it.

In actuality, the Donkey played great. See the full tourney and season standings here.