Sunday, May 20, 2007

3 Amigos, 3 Monk Appointments, and Short Stack Makes Good

We had a great turnout for this weeks tourney. Michael brought three friends with him from ND. We also had a new player, Jeff. It takes some getting used to our bunch of lunatics and poker degenerates, but I think all four newbies had a good time. We played Ro-Sham-Bo before kicking off the tourney and Stacey took it down by defeating Brad. Stacey got 1000 chips for first and Brad 500 for second. I think everyone enjoys this game and so we will try to play it before each tourney at my house.

The players were - Kitty, Dylan, Joe, Armando, Toby, Jim, Brad, Mike Baaaa, Stacey, Phillip, Mark, Todd, Rico, Jeff, Stuart, David, and Michael Allan.

We got underway and there were 5 rebuys. We started with 10K in chips instead of 15K and I think this is the right mix with the no-rebuy bonus.

Michael Allen (K10) and Dylan (A3) got it all-in. Michael Allen was a good Texas host and gave all his chips to Dylan, his guest. Michael Allen was out in 17th and will be the recipient of the fish next week.

David got all-in with Dylan and his QQ was no match when Dylan found a third 7 for his 77. David was out in 16th, but happily on his way home to spend time with his new baby.

Stuart was Dylan's third victim - Stuart went in with the best AQo and Dylan called with A2h and caught a flush on the river. Three down and now Dylan had a very dominant chip lead at table 2. Stuart was out in 15th and began his trek up the mountain. (For the origin of this magical place, look at this post)

Jeff did well his first time out. He played aggressive and people had a hard time putting him on hands. I got lucky, lucky, luck when my 99 held against his A2. He pushed all in after the turn with a J577 board. I had chips so I called and my 9's held when the river was a 2. Jeff was out in 14th.

I unintentionally pissed Rico off. I had 66 in late position, Rico on my left. Blinds 1/2K. I limped, with three other players, including Rico. The pot was about 8K.

The flop was 659 rainbow. I bet 4K, Rico came over the top and raised it to 15K. Everyone else folded. I went into the tank and was thinking about what Rico might have to risk 15K of his 22K stack.

First, I thought about if I was ahead or behind? I was fearful he had 78 or 99. I assumed he did and did the math. I have to call 11K into 27K pot. Not quite 2.4:1. If he has the 99, I am drawing to 2 outs and I am basically dead, but set over set is very rare, so I discounted it. If he has 78, I will need a full house to beat him. I would have 3 outs for the 5 and three outs for the 9 + one out for my 4th 6 for a total of 7 outs. At that point I had ~3.5:1. In this case I should fold.

However, what if Rico is making a move? In that case I am in very good shape. He didn't go "all-in", so maybe his hand isn't GREAT. Maybe he paired the board? In that case I am a HUGE favorite. If I move all-in I would still have average stack even if I lose. If I push and he calls with a better hand, my odds increase. Do they increase enough?

If he calls the pot will be 8 + 22 + 22 = 52. I will have bet 18 (11 call his 15K bet, plus 7 for the all-in) to win 52. Roughly 3:1 odds. Close enough when considering the likelihood of him making a move over having 99 or 78. I pushed.

Rico turned over A9 for Top Pair Top Kicker. Another 9 came on the river and gave Rico trip 9's, but that gave me the full house.

Rico didn't mind losing - but he thought it was an automatic call. In the end it was, but for some reason I wasn't comfortable just calling. I took a long time to decide what to do and that may have sent the wrong signal. Not my intention... just a slow thinker. Sorry brotha... Rico left in 13th in a hurry. He had an appointment on the mountain.

Todd made a move with A9 and Kitty scratched his eyes out with 44. Todd was out in 12th. Todd was uncharacteristically tilting too. After Todd displayed some uncharacteristically "tilty" behavior, I had the following vision...

We were two to the final table now. Simultaneous hands occurred with all-in's on both tables.

I was involved in a hand with Phillip. He made a move with KJ and I called with AK for a huge pot. I was ahead and flop brought blanks for each of us. An A on the turn was all I needed and he was drawing dead on the river. I just about doubled up in this hand. Phillip fell in 11th.

On the other table... Joe took out Mark... no data provided... Mark was out in 10th.

Now two of the three Amigos were out.

We were at the final table with 9 instead of 10. The chip stacks were as follows:

Stacey was the first victim. She pushed with 77, but was no match for Toby's 10's. Stacey was out in 9th.

Mike Baaa, Brad, and Kitty got involved in a 3 way with Baaa all-in. Mike Baaa = A8o, Brad = k7d, Kitty = KJ. Kitty took down an 82K pot when a J was flopped and she and Brad checked it down. Mike Baaa was out in 8th.

I had started the final table in 2nd chip position. My strategy was not to get tricky and only play premium hands. My problem was I didn't get any premium hands. I did get AJs and raised to 18K (3x BB), Brad called with A7d and caught a 7 on the flop. That was an expensive hand for me and I was down to less than 50K.

My chip stack resembled this...

Brad took my chips and passed them on to Armando. Brad and Armando got all in with a race of AK vs. 44. A King on the river killed off Brad and made Armando a contender. Nice playing from being shorty at the beginning of the final table. Brad out in 7th.

I made a move with KJs and got called by Dylan (super-sized stack) with KQ. Knocked out by my favorite hand. Jim is out in 6th.

Our bubble-boy would be Toby. He was out in 5th by Dylan. Toby moved with AJd and Dylan played the jimmy again (KQ). A King on the flop ended the night for the Tobster.

Armando made the money. Nice play for a donkey.

Armando would be knocked out in 4th when he played the Jimmy against Kitty's JTd. Another J on the flop and Armando was done.

Joe would be Kitty's next victim. She buried him in the litter box by calling with 99 (9 lives twice) when he pushed with A4. Joe was out in 3rd.

Kitty and Dylan quickly chopped. He must have also seen the video. Kitty repeated with a chop. She will be the shark again.

Thanks for all those that brought food. We appreciate it!

Results of the points and jackpot are here.

Kevin was flying in from a business trip and never showed up, after he confirmed on the evite... maybe he will show up on the next episode of...

Monday, May 14, 2007


We has a good turn-out of 15 players. We played Ro-Sham-Bo to kick it off. Joe got first place and Scott got 2nd. (1000 and 500 chips, respectively). Play was very tight and we only had 2 rebuys, both unfortunately, by Stuart. At the break, we handed out the bonus chips and everyone rebought.

Being that Stacey and I celebrated our 15th Anniversary on May 9th, we had a small prize for those that showed down 5-9 of any flavor. A $1 lottery ticket was the prize. Stacey won two, Scott won another and I can't remember the other 2 lucky winners (unlucky as it turns out, not one ticket was a winner).

After the break I had 42K which was ~10K above average.

Todd and I got it all in preflop. My AK was good after a AT5 flop. Todd had 99 and the turn and the river were blanks. Todd was out in 15th.

Brad limped into the pot. Rico had 46o in the BB and paired up on a K6T flop. Rico checked and so did Brad. Rico got a 6 on the turn. Brad pusdhes all-in, Rico calls. Brad turns over KK and the river is a blank. Rico is out in 14th.

Henry and Greg mixed it up. Henry pushed after the all heart flop and Greg called wth TT. Henry turned over AKh and Greg was gone in 13th.

Ian got a King high fluch on the river, but the river gave Kitty a boat. Ian was out in 12th.
Ian was 2nd in chips at his table to Kitty, so Kitty had a monster stack.

Stuart and I had mixed it up a few hands. Stuart raised the 2x in middle position. Clara and I called (me in the BB with 5Th - lose call). The flop brought J58. With bottom pair, I called a 1/2 pot bet from Stuart after Clara called. The turn brought me the other 5. I checked, Stuart pushed and after a long contemplation, Clara folded. I called and Stuart showed KQ, he was drawing dead. Stuart was out in 11th, and we were at the final table.

Final table chip statcks were as follows:

After the final table got underway, Scott was the first to fall in 10th. Scott had the hammer (72o) and Brad had the Mookie - T8. The flop of T75 got scott all-in and Brad called with TP.

The next hand was the wildest hand I have played in a long time. I found AQs on the SB. Clara was the BB. The blinds at this time were 2 and 4K.

David Limps, 4K. Pot = 10K.
Kitty raises 3x to 12K. Pot = 22K.
Brad calls the 12K. Pot = 34K.
I call the 12K. Pot = 46K.
Clara goes all-in for 17.5K a 5.5K raise. Pot = 63.5K.
David goes all-in for 19K, a 2.5K raise. Main Pot = 81K. Side Pot = 2.5K.
Kitty folds.
Brad calls the extra 7K. Main pot = 86.5K. Side Pot = 5K.
I call the extra 7K. Main Pot = 92K. Side Pot = 7.5K.

Jim, David and Brad are in for the side pot.

The flop and turn are all low cards. The river is a Q. My AQ holds to take it all. 99.5K!!! Wow.

David is out in in 8th and Clara in in 9th. David had more chips than Clara, so he gets 8th.

At this point I had almost 200K of the 500K chips in play with 7 people left.

Toby got his stack all in with AQ, Brad called with AKc. 2 clubs on the flop and another on the river, sends Toby packing in in 7th.

Joe got whacked by Kitty. Joe was short stacked and jammed with JJ. Kitty caled with A8h and caught a flush. Joe was out in in 6th.

Henry and I got it all-in preflop. I had QQ under the gun and rased 4x to 24K. (Blinds 3 and 6K). Henry jammed with about 50K. I called and he showed JJ. My QQ held and he was out in in 5th as the bubble-boy. My stack is now about 250K.

Stacey had nursed her short stack very well. She either jammed or folded and it worked well. She doubled up at least once (maybe twice). She caught an 8 on the flopped and pushed with 48o. Brad called with KK. His KK held and Stacey was out in in 4th.

Now it was Brad, Kitty and I. I had about 250K, Kitty was way short at about 50K. brad had the rest.

It would have been prudent to just sit back, but I made a few moves and quickly realized playing a loose-aggresive and tight-aggressive player is very tough. I donked my stack after doubling Kitty at least once and losing a sizeable hand to Brad. The final hand for me was 88. I pushed and Kitty folded. Brad called with A7. He got a 7 on the flop... and another on the RIVER.

I was out in in 3rd. Brad and Kitty chopped with about even stacks. I believe Brad recalled seeing this video and didn't want to face the "Kitty". Wise move Brad. {You might want to turn your volume down before viewing.}

All in all it was a great night. I hope everyone had fun. Thanks to all that brought food.

We will be hosting again this week Friday, May 18th. Hope to see everyone there.

Stats are updated here.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Fun and Games on Saturday!!!

We are looking forward to hosting Saturday.

We have two new things to add to this weeks game:

First - we will be honoring anyone that wins a hand with 5-9 of any suit. Why 5-9? Stacey and I celebrated our 15 Year Wedding Anniversary this week on May 9th. So, if you win a hand by showdown or bluff and show, you will win a small prize.

Second - we will be having a Ro-Sham-Bo (Rock Paper Scissor) tourney prior to the start of poker. We will pair off and do a best 2 out of 3. The winners will move on until one is left standing. The winner gets 1500 chips, the second place gets 500 chips. The Ro-Sham-Bo game will start promptly at 6PM.

Also, Stacey will be the proud holder of the . If Armando makes it out, he will get the , although I feel guilty giving it to him based on the crushing beat he took with AA and flopping a third. If he doesn't make it, I will feel better giving the to Rico.:)

There are still a few spots left, so don't forget to sign up.

See ya' Saturday.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

4/27 Home Game

This tournament completed the final leg of my recent slump. I am going to vent a little on this post.

I have been getting slaughtered lately, but I think I have emerged from the misery.

I bubbled the first tournament this week. I didn't money in the second tourney either. I was 2nd out of the tourney when Stacey's parents were here. I also blew a nice stack in Mook's $50 game. Among several other bad beats, I got beat with:
  • QQ vs JJ all in to bubble
  • Top Pair Top Kicker (TPTK) with the Nut Flush Draw (NFD)
  • A Set on the flop, by a pair of 5's for a rivered flush
I was playing really well, I was making good moves and had good reads. It just didn't seem fair. I got really pissed and said:

"I am taking the Month of May off."
"I am not going to Vegas this summer."
With people still in the Tourney, "I am going to bed, Stacey, finish up for me." To which she replied, "Bullshit". :)

I went here (figuratively):

The next day, Stacey and I went to lunch. We had a "talk"... she pointed some things out to me and they made sense. See, you have to know Stacey: She is genetically engineered to NEVER GO ON TILT. I have seen her AA get cracked on the river by JJ. I have seen her have her full House rivered by Quads. She ALWAYS stays cool and gracious. She is a rock. She cheers when people win, and apologizes when she does (unless it's Henry) :).

That's the kind of attitude you need to be a good player. Stacey has it down cold.

I felt much better... I am off the mountain - and will not return. I now look at the game in a different way... and I am winning!

I had a win at a recent cash game where:
  • I ran my K high Flush into the A high flush
  • Ran a set into a straight Flush
  • Ran a flopped set into flopped straight problem. Still a positive session.

I have tripled by bankroll on-line since the "talk".

I am ready to take on poker with a new attitude. Thanks Stacey.