Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Updated Stats and Game 7 CANCELLED

Stacey took down another tourney. Two in a row for the Jersey Girl. She mowed down the field by eliminating 5 of the tiny field of 9. A few late cancellations made the game a cozy one. Hey, I made the final table!

I played OK, putting a few people on hands, but it was a night where it was hard to get action when I had cards and i got plenty of action when I had OK hands or tried to make any sort of move.

We are scheduled to have another game on 4/19. See the signup below, right after the latest stats.

Game 6 Results

Standings After Game 6

Current Jackpot

FPP Update

Game 7 - Saturday, April 19th, 6PM


Freeze-out $20 buy-in, $10 one time add-on. Max 20 players.

Registered List
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  1. Jim
  2. Stacey
  3. Rico
  4. Todd
  5. Stuey