Monday, March 31, 2008

Updated Stats and Game 6 Announced

Here are the stats from the last tourney. I can remember a few notable funny quotes. Enjoy. Thanks to everyone that brought something to share.

"Oh my God, I got QUADS!" - Stacey, when she rivered Quad 6's against Scott

"I will give you one chance to chop, because I am going to take this down." - Stacey, with about a 2.5 to 1 chip disadvantage to Michael heads-up. He took it.


OK, here are the stats...

Results for Game 5

Standings After Game 5

Jackpot after Game 5

Frequent Player Points after Game 5

Game 6 - Saturday, April 12th, 6PM

Freeze-out $20 buy-in, $10 one time add-on. Max 20 players.

Registered List
(bold for early sign-up bonus)

  1. Jim
  2. Stacey
  3. Sean
  4. Ian
  5. Stuart
  6. Henry
  7. Carol
  8. Brad
  9. Mac? - I think I got a verbal... Mac - please confirm.
  10. ATC - also known as Michael
  11. Justin
  12. Toby
  13. Cristine

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Game 4 Results - Game 5 Registration (Sat - 3/15 @ 6PM)

Well, this post will be another short one. We had Sales Training last week off-site and I had to speak in front of 130 people. It was a little nerve wracking and I was busy preparing. After that, Stacey and I were heading out of town and things were pretty hectic. Now, I finally have a few minutes to update the tournament results.

Unfortunately, most of the details have long faded. I was out fairly early, my ply was bad and I wasn't patient enough to wait out a bad run of cards.

To start things off, Rico was te fish, Mike was the Shark, Cindy was the Bounty Target.

Here are the results.

Congratulations to Rico on a big win. Of the last four tournaments, Rico has been the fish twice and the shark once. What is he doing with these stuffed animals?

Rico aslo collected the bounty on Cindy.

Point and Money Standings:

Jackpot Total:

Frequent Player Points:

Game 5 - March 15th - 6PM
Registered List
(bold for early sign-up bonus)

  1. Jim
  2. Stacey
  3. Stuart
  4. Rico
  5. Michael Allan
  6. Henry
  7. Carol
  8. Cindy
  9. Peter
  10. Todd
  11. Armando