Thursday, February 28, 2008

Game 3 Results - Game 4 Registration (3/1 @ 6PM)

I am going to have to bail on the write-up this time. I am preparing for a conference next week and I am swamped. Here are the stats from last week's game. Also, I have added the latest registration entries for Game 4 - scheduled for this Saturday night, 3/1, at 6 PM.

Results from Game 3

Point and Money Standings (sorted on points)


Frequent Player Points (25 points = 1 free add-on or rebuy)

Game 4 - March 1st - 6PM
Registered List
(bold for early sign-up bonus)
  1. Jim
  2. Stacey
  3. Rico
  4. Conrad
  5. Godfrey
  6. Toby
  7. Tim P.
  8. Henry
  9. Carol
  10. Peter
  11. Mike H.
  12. Becky
  13. Cindy
  14. Armando
  15. JoAnn

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Game 3 - February 23rd 6 PM - Registration

Game 3 - February 23rd - 6PM

Registered List

(bold for early sign-up bonus)

  1. Jim
  2. Henry
  3. Carol
  4. Stuart
  5. Todd
  6. Rico
  7. Peter
  8. Godfrey
  9. Armando
  10. Clara
  11. Conrad
  12. Mac
  13. Jerry
  14. Megan
  15. Michael A.
  16. Mike H.
  17. Shawn

Monday, February 11, 2008

Game 2 - Evolution - Stuey's Top 10 - FFP Program

We had a fantastic night of poker and it was great to play again. We had 15 players donkeys this week. We started off the night by returning to the shark and fish stuffed animal tradition. The player from the previous game that won gets the shark , and the player that was the first one out, you guessed it, gets the fish .

Because we chopped after 50 minutes of donkey on donkey violence the previous week, Armando and I were eligible for the shark. I gave the shark to Armando because he is “The best poker player Henry knows”.

Rico got the fish – ‘nuff said.

We also randomly selected a player to have a bounty on their head. Arnie won this honor and his head was worth $10.

Play started tight just like last week and there were not too many big hands in the first hour. Tim proved to be hyper-aggressive in his betting and went the full hour taking down a lot of pots and never showing his cards. We were all baffled. Was he playing strong starting hands, hitting flops, or full of $%^#? I think it was some of all three and that made it even tougher to figure out his cards.

Rico made a few good reads and put David O. squarely on 2 pair with AT. Rico folded AK on a board giving him TPTK. What to think? He’s making good reads but has the fish stuffed animal. If you look at my trophy case, there is a trophy with has name on it for the most rebuys in a tournament (5), a record he’s proudly held for over a year.

Maybe Rico’s poker improvement can best be described by this picture. The funny part is at the end he’s a Homo something or other. :) Michael made the chart too :), based on Armando's previous claims.

Mac was the first player to exit the game. He played well and took some chips off me when I chased a flush and a straight. It was nice having him over and hope to see him at future games.

Ian, Stacey, Scott and Clara followed and we had a final table.

Play continued and Michael Allen was the first final table casualty. Stuart knocked out Arnie and took in the $10 bounty. Cindy and then Armando were eliminated and we were down to 6.

Play continued and Rico was eliminated. After were at this official bubble stage we decided to safe out $30. I am glad we did, because I was the next one out. I had 108K at one point and went three orbits without any playable hands. I was down to 40K in the BB with 78o. The flop was 694 and I jammed. Stuart called and I got no love for the straight. I was out in 5th.

The top four played for quite a while until Henry got eliminated. The next to fall was David O.

The chip stacks for Stuart and Tim were 265 and 260 respectively. It couldn’t be more even. They decided to play for 30 minutes and then discuss a chop. They traded chips back and forth until one critical hand.

Stuart had KJ
Tim had 44

They got it all-in and the board fell as 883, turn 5, river 5.

Tim’s 44 is counterfeited and Stuart wins with a K high, although the J was enough. This left Tim with about 100K.

Stuart stepped up the pressure. Tim made his move with J9o and Stuart called with KTo. The board fell as 48K, turn 6, (Tim drawing dead), river 3.

Stuart was this week’s champ. This boy is on a mad run. In his honor, we have the following video.

These are the standings to date:

Game 2 Results

Money Standings

Point Standings

Jackpot Status

The Frequent Player Program

I discussed an idea I have had with Stacey and we have decided to introduce a Frequent Player Program (FPP) for our players.

The program will allow players to earn points towards either a free rebuy or add-on. All you need to do is show up and play. The first time you play, you get 1 point. The next consecutive time you play, you get 2 points, another consecutive play, 3 points and so on. Once you reach 25 points, you will earn a free add-on or rebuy.

If you miss a consecutive week, you start back at 1 point. Once you cash in a rebuy or add-on points start collecting from 1 again, regardless of your consecutive streak. If you have over 25 points the balance will roll-over.

We decided to make this retroactive to Game 1 of this season.

I will post the status of the FPP program after each game.

FPP's to Date

Game 3 - February 23rd - 6PM

Registered List (bold for bonus)

  1. Jim
  2. Stacey
  3. Henry
  4. Carol
  5. Stuart
  6. Todd

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Mooktual Respect

We had a fun night with 13 runners. We used the format of a freeze-out with one add-on. Play was fairly tight as one would expect. Strangely, the starting tables were very unbalanced with the boy/girl mix.

I started off by winning a few small pots. I got into a big hand with David O. I had AA in late position, the blinds were 300/600. I just called a 2x raise. I put David on a middle pair. The flop was A9J rainbow. He bet 1200 again, I called. On the turn, he bet 3K, I raised to 12K - he called. On the river, he went all-in for about 4.5K, I called and scooped the pot. He never showed what he had. I had good chip position after this. David added on.

I also got involved in a major hand with Henry. I had 88 in middle position and raised 2x. Henry called on the button. The flop came QJ7. I checked, and he checked. The turn was a K. I checked and Henry bet 3K. The river was a 3. Henry bet 8K. I thought for a while, and called. I just didn't think the K or the 8 helped him. Henry had showed one bluff earlier and I was "suspicious". It was a questionable call because he could easily have beaten 8's, but my read was good and Henry showed 56o. Bluffer.

Later, I was tabulating the final table chips for this posting and discovered someone made a little note on the pad. I wonder who?

At the break, everyone added. We all had brownies and a delicious Chocolate chip cookie pie and Ice Cream. Thanks to Cristine for the pie and Stacey for the brownies. It was very good!!!

Joel was the first one out. He was at the Lady's Table (with Michael) :). Not sure what happened?

Michael was the next one out and we were at the final table bubble. New comer Frank was that bubble.

The final table chip counts were as follows:

With the chip lead, I played very tight for a little while. Armando knocked out Henry's better half. I think he may have hit the one-outer for Quads to beat her. Per Armando: "For the record, I called a min-raise from Joanne as did Carol and flopped a set and turned quads to best Joanne's TPTK and Carol's OESD." Per Jim: "He's a lucky bastardo."

I can't remember anymore, but there were four sets of quads on this night and I think this was one of them.

JoAnn mowed down Henry, Stacey, and David O. That set up JoAnn and her stack was big enough to catapult her into the money.

I knocked out Justin and Cindy.

At this point we safed $10 from each spot and paid $30 to fourth. Crisitine took 4th. JoAnn 3rd.

Mook and I were heads up. The donkey race was on.

Mook had about 60K more than I with 445K in play. We played heads-up for 50 minutes and basically just swapped the 60K a few times. Knowing we were each capable of a tricky play at any time kept us from committing too many chips.

We had about a 20K different in our stacks, so we called it a draw. Mutual respect!

I am keeping the stats on this sheet and will retire the other sheet for the time being. I am keeping track of the money and other interesting statistics. For reference, the point table is here.

The standings and the results of the first game are the same this week.

The statistics I will keep this season are: Wins, FT (Final Tables Reached for each player), Bubble, ITM (In the Money), and Games. The jackpot is $16.

Announcing Game 2

When: Saturday 2/9 @ 6PM

Size: 20 players - first 20 to RSVP, then alternate list.

Please RSVP by Thursday midnight for 2,500 chip bonus, show up ontime for another 2,500 chips.

$20 freeze-out (20,000 chips), $10 add-on (10,000 chips) - same blind structure as previous tourneys.

Registered (bold for bonus)

  1. Jim
  2. Stacey
  3. Henry
  4. Carol
  5. Megan
  6. David O.
  7. Rico
  8. Stuart
  9. Cindy
  10. Mac
  11. Mikey A.
  12. Justin
  13. Ian
  14. Tim P.
  15. Armando
  16. Clara
  17. Arnie